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Tiilitie 3, FI-01720 Vantaa, Finland.
· TEL : +358-20-155-7510 · FAX : +358-20-155-7517
· E-MAIL : info@anibiotech.fi · WEBSITE : www.anibiotech.fi

BioGemex is affiliated with Anibiotech Oy, Vantaa, Finland, one of the world's leading biotechnology companies
in the production of diagnostic test kits for home use and for use in doctors' offices,
as well as reagents for laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

Tiilitie 3, FI-01720 Vantaa, Finland
· TEL : +358–20–155–7530 · FAX : +358–20–155–7521
· E-MAIL : sales@anilabsysterms.com
· WEBSITE : www.anilabsysterms.com

AniLabsystems Ltd, a joint venture company of BioGemex and AniBiotech, has expertise in developing,
manufacturing, and marketing immunodiagnostic assays such as ELA, MIFA, FELA, Such expertise includes conducting
antibody tests using microbial, recombinant or synthetic peptide-based antigens.

117149, Russia, Moscow, Symphsopolsky bly. 8
· TEL : +095–113–20–52 · FAX : +095–113–48–18

Dialat Ltd. is a USA-Russia joint ventfture company specializing in biotechnology and research.
Dialat’s R&D Center in Moscow is headed by Dr.E.Severin, the Lenin Prize Winner in 1991.
Dialat is a world authority on protein purification and recombinant DNA technology
for biomedical research and pharmaceutical industries.

10075 Tyler Place, Suite 18, ljamsville, MD 21754, US
· TEL : +1–301–874–88888 · FAX : +1–301–874–8881
· WEBSITE : www.bioassayworks.com

BioAssay Works® is focused on antibody-based and antigen-based detection technologies, and on their
application in lateral flow immunoassay for both instrumented and visually read tests. The company holds
substantial trade-secret-protected intellectual property-especially in the production of unique, high-sensitivity,
concentrated gold sols and gold conjugates. The company holds a patent for its C-FLAT® lateral flow test platform.